Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dollar inflows steady - Central Bank Sri Lanka

Dollar inflows steady - Central Bank

The dollar inflows to Sri Lanka have increased substantially in the recent weeks, and a significant part of them were absorbed by the Central Bank boosting foreign reserves of the country, the Central Bank said in a statement.
According to the Central Bank these dollars came from several sources.
"Firstly, there were significant inflows to the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), with the net inflows to the CSE so far in 2012 amounting to US 164 mn.  Secondly, there were inflows in respect  of investments in several commercial banks, amounting to about US $127 mn during this week."  
"Thirdly, investments in Sri Lanka Development Bonds (SLDBs) were made to the value of US $87 mn, comfortably exceeding the US $45 mn,  that was maturing and was on offer for re-investment.  Finally, net investments of US $385 mn in Treasury Bills and bonds were made by foreign investors so far in 2012," the Central Bank said.
It also noted that further dollar inflows are expected in the next few weeks which would include inflows as a result of several commercial banks raising funds abroad for their Tier 2 capital, and an initial investment of approximately US $ 73 million in a mega hotel project.
The Central Bank also affirmed that in response to the recent policy measures implemented by the bank and the government that there are clear signs of a deceleration in private sector credit growth and import demand.  
A further moderation is expected once the New Year seasonal demand for imports is over, thereby substantially easing the deficit in the trade account, the Central Bank said.
"The increasing foreign currency inflows, and the easing of the import demand as stated above are expected to stabilize the foreign exchange markets in the coming weeks," the Central Bank noted.

Sri Lanka Mobile Phone Payment System in Place by Year End

Sri Lanka Mobile Phone Payment System in Place by Year End

02nd September 2010,, By Charumini De Silva

The Central Bank hopes to introduce mobile phone payment systems to Sri Lanka by the end of this year. The Central Bank has drafted the guidelines for mobile phone payment systems and called for public comments.

The guidelines are issued with the aim of promoting safety and effectiveness of mobile payment schemes.

These guidelines have been sent to mobile service providers, banking and financial institutions for observation, a senior Central Bank official told Daily News Business.

Through this system account holders are able to operate their own accounts via mobile phones to debit or credit to their own accounts or credit accounts of third parties within the same bank or in another network. The mobile payment system is also a retail payment system, which is much secure, safe and easy. This will support to increase the mobile usage and bank transactions more frequently.

The mobile payment system is also helpful for the rural community where they could access their bank accounts without coming to the city. The Central Bank is taking all measures to ensure the security and the safety of the transactions to build the trust of consumers.

The Central Bank has not yet finalized the prices of the registration fee, but it will be a reasonable amount where all segments of communities can afford.

They also expect a good response from the young generation who are interested in the latest technology.

Sri Lanka Expo 2012 Fair Signs up 370 Exhibitors.

Sri Lanka Expo 2012 Fair Signs up 370 Exhibitors. To be Held from March 28 - 31 at BMICH, Colombo

Sri Lanka Expo 2012 will kick off on March 28, with 370 exhibitors and a series of technical sessions and 700 foreign visitors including a 150 strong delegation from China already registered to attend, an official said.

“Sri Lanka Expo 2012”, Sri Lanka`s premier international trade fair, organized by the Export Development Board (EDB) is scheduled to be held in March, 2012. The objective of the fair is to attract overseas buyers to Sri Lanka while instilling confidence in product and services.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Silver Jewelry for you

Designer Silver jewelries are now widely popular among the youth as a token of energy full and trendy age of them.
Mostly Rings and Pendants made of Sterling silver 92.5 are very good looking in girls and boys who love in fashionable lifestyle.

In a way , considering the higher cost of gold waring silver jewelries is a fine and trendy option.
Sterling Silver 92.5
Sterling Silver 92.5

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to type sinhala in photoshop

How to type sinhala in photoshop
Photoshop wala sinhalen type karanne kohomada?

type singlish using
and past the sinhala text in the top box of this page
and select  the unicode output from the 2nd box and past in to photosho and add what ever sinhala font you need.

Sinhala type in google
Can I type sinhala in google ?
Yes !

Google ඉන්පුට් ටූල්ස් ඔන්ලයින් උත්සාහ කරන්න

වෙබ් මත ඕනෑම තැනක, ඔබ තෝරන භාෂාවෙන් ටයිප් කිරීම Google ඉන්පුට් ටූල්ස්වලින් පහසු කරවයි. තවත් ඉගෙන ගන්න
ඊට උත්සාහ කර බලන්න, පහත දැක්වෙන ඔබේ භාෂාව සහ ඉන්පුට් ටූල්ස් තෝරා ටයිප් කිරීම අරඹන්න.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Money making methods

Untitled Document

Using legal and ethical method for making money is important.
If you have reasonable knowledge in WWW and its materials work with, you may try to make money genuinely.

There are several free online money making methods that could use in Sri Lanka ;

Affiliate marketing
Running a blog with rich contents
Paid surveys
Forex Trading
Buy and selling
Buy and selling domains
Data entry jobs

If have free time in your regular time table it is profitable to use above methods to make money online in Sri Lanka.
Using PayPal in Sri Lanka is difficult and alternatives to PayPal is Alertpay
Withdrawing money in Sri Lanka
And you may use Alertpay account to withdraw money from Sri Lanka

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paypal to Sri Lanka

Get payments on Paypal Sri Lanka?? A frequent question asked by many who are interested in making legal money online. In Sri Lanka , according to the present rules of Central Bank of Sri Lanka Paypal is a send only method in online marketing environment. And Paypal too is not satisfied with current situation in the country's online transaction behavior with their criteria to release fully activated facilities of Paypal. Hope they and the government will expedite their considerations to provide fully supported Paypal to Sri Lanka online marketers.

Make unlimited money online

Online Money Making methods..

Data Entry Jobs

Adds reading

Email Reading
and more...